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Everyone is the author of their own story…

Hotel Saluver's Story

Early on the Jurczyk family expressed their desire for their own business, not as managers or lessees, but as builders and owners. Thus, they took over the Hotel Rosatsch in Celerina as managers when they were just 30 years old. During this time, they looked for suitable land on which they could bring their own dream to life. In 1985, this dream was starting to become reality. The hotel could be built where there were once only two agricultural farms in the neighborhood. On June 2, 1986, the groundbreaking ceremony took place. After a construction period of only 6 months and 18 days, the Hotel/Restaurant Saluver was opened on December 20, 1986.

In the early years, there was no sidewalk to the hotel as it was located in a lush green area. The Celerina town sign and the 50 km/h speed limit were located at the height of Chesa De Pedrini. From there, you had to walk on the road to reach the hotel. The hotel was easily recognizable from the road due to the lush surroundings. However, in the years following 1987, multiple apartment buildings were gradually constructed. The much-needed sidewalk was built, and the town sign with a 60 km/h speed limit was moved in front of Hotel Saluver.

When Chesa Anda was built in 1988, the management couple immediately applied for the 2-bedroom apartment with the intention of creating a double and two single rooms from it. When, after several years, the second ground-floor apartment became available for sale, they seized the opportunity to expand the 'depandance' with a suite.

During the first 10 years Hotel Saluver war a seasonal hotel, which meant that in the spring and fall, the hotel would close due to seasonal breaks. In 1996, the decision was made to operate year-round. Hotel Saluver in Celerina is now open 365 days a year.

It became apparent that the current parking spaces were no longer adequate. As a solution, an agreement was made with the municipality, which offered land on the opposite side for additional parking spaces.

Annual renovations at the hotel include both minor touch-ups and significant transformations. Some changes are readily noticeable, while others occur behind the scenes. For example, what was once a modest garden shed has been transformed into 'Villa Gnadenlos,' now exuding a rustic and inviting ambiance. In 2010, substantial alterations were made to the ground floor. The glass vestibule and telephone booth were removed, though the beloved old coin-operated phone still holds its place as a cherished relic. The carpet was replaced with a stunning Engadin natural stone floor. Additionally, the former meeting and TV rooms were ingeniously combined to form our charming Bistro.

Since 2018, we've embarked on a step-by-step journey to renovate our hotel rooms. Currently, 18 out of our total of 22 rooms have already received a stylish makeover. Additionally, we've repurposed our staff quarters to create a spacious and inviting suite, perfect for those seeking comfort and luxury.

In the spring of 2021, we decided to further enhance our dining experience in the Stüvas Celerina, Sulagl, Muragl, and Samedan. We replaced the carpets with elegant oak wood flooring and painted the walls in a warm Engadin red hue. In the Stüva Samedan, we collaborated with a local craftsman to craft a stunning three-meter-long American walnut wood table, offering seating for up to 16 guests. This addition allows us to host both larger or more intimate family gatherings as well as corporate events.

As we celebrate the year 2021, we also reflect on 35 remarkable years of Hotel Saluver. Throughout this period, approximately 250,000 guests have graced our establishment. We've had the privilege of employing 170 dedicated team members and nurturing the talents of 27 apprentices. Now, as Christian Jurczyk enters a well-deserved retirement, he gracefully passes the reins to his daughter.

In the hotel's garden, where we planted small Swiss stone pine and larch trees 35 years ago, today, we are welcomed by grand, thriving trees. Each of these trees carries a distinctive feature—a nameplate graces every one of them. This serves as a reminder that every person here writes their own unique story…

Engadiner Post Article: Der «Hüttenwart mit Kochkenntnissen»

Founder and Owner: Christian Jurczyk, Executive Chef with Swiss Federal Certified

His wife Monica Valentin Jurczyk